Buried Treasure

For my summer illustration class, I decided to do my work in the style of Erik Jones, one of my favorite artists.  I love his blend of graphic flats and detailed skin tones.

I had managed to use the same materials that Erik uses except the paint.  He uses Behr house paint but I figured artist acrylics would give me more of a range but they ended up just being a blotchy nightmare.  It was a waste of money but now I know to use the right paint on the next one.

I had problems with the colored pencils on the skin because I didn't do large enough areas of flesh so it was difficult to blend it.  The next one should be cropped in closer.

The bottom half of the picture isn't exactly the right color.  It should be richer but I couldn't get the settings in Photoshop to match them well enough.  I'll take a new photo when I have better lighting.

Overall, a great learning experience, and I think I need to push the next one to have more design elements.

Models are Emily and Ninja.

Materials are Rives BFK heavyweight, Prismacolor pencils, Winsor Newton Acylics, Gamblin watercolors, and Copic markers with awesome names.

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