Shiny Black Pants & Riding Crop WiPs

So this is my second picture for my summer illustration class.  I thought I'd uploaded this image to Twitpic earlier but my phone was dying so that explains that.  Again, I'm trying to follow Erik Jones' process for working.  This time I got the subject closer to his by getting a topless model and doing less of a scene.  It's a chick wearing shiny black form-fitting pants holding a riding crop.  I managed to find the right type of paint this time.  So far I like (Behr) house paint.

A pic of me working taken by my fiancé. I prefer the floor to a desk.

Yes, I know, I need a new dye job; which is why I'm taking commissions right now to pay for it.  
That and the wedding.

I accidentally blended the white before adding the other colors.  Hopefully this won't doom the picture; I'd had high hopes after learning from the first one.  I'll add another layer of color tomorrow.

I realized I'd misplaced my Payne's Gray tube of watercolor in this last months, so I'll buy more tomorrow and get back to work on the pants.

Class ends in a week and a day, so I really need to work on speed.

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