About Meghann Pardee (@whatakuriosgirl)

Hello there! You've probably arrived from one of my other profiles, and depending on which one it was, the information there might have been limited.  Allow me to introduce myself better.

My name is Meghann Pardee and I’m a freelance artist focusing on illustrations for books.

If you'd like to know a bit about who I am and what I like, please check out my Bio.  If you'd like the basics though, read on.

I’m a 23-year old living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am engaged to Michael, a writer and artist. I am a graduate of Kendall College of Art and Design.  I've been working as a freelance artist for the last three years.  After I save up enough, I would like to move out east around New York or Boston.

What a Kurios Blog

Well, this is my blog.  It's more like a sketchbook with words.  I use it to upload works-in-progress, talk about what sort of classes I'm taking, and comment on gallery shows or art books I come across.  My blog is more to show the process behind my pictures and get a better understanding of my pieces, which isn't available in the limited character space my gallery allows.  Not everything is going to be refined, that is what my portfolio site is for.  Make sure to Follow, or at least leave comments.  I like feedback, and this is the place to give me it.

Kurios Illustration

I call my brand of art "Kurios Illustration" because that is what it is.  It can be pronounced "curious" for intriguing or wonderful or "curios" which are those weird little things you find in shops that could very well have a fascinating, if not magical, story behind them.  In German, "kurios" means "strange," which I originally didn't know but I feel is perfectly what I'm going for.  Strange things call your attention to them; they are different, they are new.  That is what I hope to bring to projects I work on: new ideas, or new ways of looking at old ideas, because let's be honest, everything's been done before.

I'm heavily influenced by my life-long fear of the dark and the scary things lurking in it.  For a self-proclaimed horror fan, I'm a bit of a scaredy-cat, and I have recently started to incorporate this fear of the unknown into my art.  After all, the dark doesn't always hide bad things, a flick of a light-switch can reveal the cause of those scary shadows on the wall were really treasures piled up.  Also, Dark is Not Evil, as anyone who likes dark chocolate or fluffy black kittens can attest to.

@whatakuriosgirl on Twitter

Twitter started out as solely business but as I met interesting people and they posted fascinating things, it became somewhat personal too.  It's been a great tool for finding job offers and meeting potential clients and confirmed friends.
If you follow @whatakuriosgirl you’ll get a variety of things. Firstly you’ll see a glimpse of the behind the scenes in my work, as I post links to every new Blog post, usually of works-in-progress.  I follow artists, marketing guides, and other educational/entertaining people.  If I find interesting links, I'll share them with you.  I respond to most people who mention me, after all, Twitter is about conversation.  You'll also get a taste of the movies, books, an games I'm playing.  If I'm going to be somewhere for an event, this is the first place to find out.


I have a Facebook page, where I'll put up new artwork and updates, so Like my page and share my artwork with your friends and family.

Connect with Me

Thanks for visiting my about page – if you don't already, follow me on Twitter so we can interact there.
If you want to keep it strictly professional, and would like to keep me on hand for future projects together, add me on LinkedIn.  My email is whatakuriosgirl@gmail.com.  Use it to add me on LinkedIn or to send me information on a project.
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