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I have been quite busy with school this semester. I've been mostly fine doing my digital work, but having to stay at my studio at the school hasn't been too appealing when I already don't get out of school 'til 6:30 each night, so my watercolors have been going a tad slow. Hopefully when Spring gets here and there is a few more hours of daylight I'll feel better about staying down there after class.

I gave my Professional Practices presentation yesterday. I now have a list I've begun to compile of contacts for work in the future (though I was so caught up in following the requirements I forgot to write down actual contacts I've made in the last few years,) and a list of possible expenses for the first couple years after I graduate and jobs I should try for in order to make enough to pay for those expenses. Next we'll be working on a business plan. Unfortunately, the logo and business card I made probably won't be used past this class.

I came up with Paper Wings Illustration. There are a few other companies with variations of the name so I'd have to fidget with URL choices. My professor says trying to get people to spell "kurios" properly over the phone (when I don't have a business card to hand them) will waste time spelling out rather than selling my abilities. I have enough trouble getting people to spell my first name right, so I don't know how much of a problem this is. I guess I won't know 'til I ask people.

Here's the logo.

We'll be making blogs soon. I already set up the name, so that's secured. I have an idea for a banner header which will probably end up here. I just need to take some pictures for references.

I'm on my second project in Digital Media for Print, I'm going to do a Con-banner, with a female vampire attacking a woman in a cemetery. I was considering an alleyway, and if I get downtown sometime today, I'll get some shots. Even if I don't use them for this, they'll be great for the future, we have some cool alleys around here.

My second editorial cartoon for Illustration for Social Criticism is to accompany an article on how if DNA from discarded tissues, hair in brushes, or nail clippings are taken from the trash, a person could discover information from the genes and if it were a celebrity, sell information about the person's health.

I bought REPO! The Genetic Opera last week and was watching it while coming up with my picture, so there is definitely some influence. It's got a wonderful visual style, the costumes and scenery are fantastic, and the rock opera songs are really catchy. I want to do some more art in the future based off the style.
Here's the W.I.P

I need to come up with a fantasy/surrealistic piece for Watercolor class but don't know what to do with no real time for photo shoots. I don't want to resort to faeries or whatnot.

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