School Projects

This is my Medusa character that I was going to use for last year's Dominance War but didn't turn her in, but used a male character instead. The text from the turnaround is vaguely based off its storyline. As for the color schemes, I have the original, then a Historical one based off a Frank Frazetta picture, a current one based off Jace Beleren from Magic: the Gathering, and a future color based off a barbarian picture from ImagineFX.

For Social Criticism, we had to illustrate for an article on how botanics and pills mixing can be dangerous and how botanics aren't regulated by the FDA.

In my Watercolor for Illustration class, I am doing an Arthur Rackham picture and a cityscape of the National Gallery in London.

In Professional Practices, I've already made a logo. The business card proof is due tomorrow, and sometime this week we'll start on a separate blog for our business.

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