Medusa- Frozen Love

For Printmaking II, we are starting screen printing.  We had to get our theme from a randomly chosen conversation heart, and I chose Get Real.  I decided to explore the subject with what is and isn't real and things that can alter their state of (non)being.

I finally got to use an idea I've had for almost six years: 
Medusa draped around a statue of a man with a sad look in her eye; the man was a lover and she inadvertently turned him to stone.  She will live in even more sorrow for the rest of her life.

 I'm considering adding text to the final piece due to the amount of negative space left on the 10"x10" format we are using.

I am titling this differently than the screen printed  piece since that one will end up having "get real" placed in the title to show it as part of the assignment.

Edit: (12:15am) I really enjoyed this piece, especially exploring styles for shading, coloring, and creating her snaky hair.  I figured out a technique in Photoshop and think I will try more Mucha-inspired art in the future.

All the previous color ideas: link

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