Get Real- Medusa color variants

For Printmaking II, we are starting screen printing, and we had to choose a conversation heart and make a picture based on it.  I will be posting the WIPs in the completely wrong order.  It's almost midnight, so for now I'll post what I worked on today and show sketches in a later, separate post.

My image ended up being Medusa with a lover she'd accidentally turned to stone.  Here are the different coloring and shading styles I considered.  Each set the mood differently.  I'll post a second post with the final coloring/shading I will be using for the screen print.

Trying to add a bit of cool vs. warm contrast

Using halftones & just primaries + black to get her traditional green snake hair

Making her hair color match him + skin tones

More cool colors

I liked the teal because it was a nice mix of snake green and his shade of blue.

A colder purple

Minimal colors and shading inspired by KtShy and Vera Brosgol's comics (+ yellow.)

Warming it up again

Matching outfit and hair

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