Dr. Sketchy's- JonBenet Butterbuns


Middle piece was for "nutz" contest.

Sunday School teacher contest. I thought there'd be a third pose.  I was going to add naughty school-marm clothing so it would go with the chaste pic.
"Feeding chickens" contest.  I accidentally put the girl too close to the edge before I decided what to do to it.  Weird kinky chicken-men are weird.
Last night I went to the Sazerac Lounge for Dr. Sketchy's with my friend Maggie.  Afterward the Devil Dolls performed burlesque.  It was impersonation night and awesome.  I met some cool fellow artists.  Josh Diedrich, a figurative sculptor from Kalamazoo, and his friend Neil Bryer of Wombat Comics.  I wish I'd written down the name of the guy behind me, we had a great conversation.  I bet it was a really obvious name I told myself there was no way of forgetting.

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