Life Out/Loud Gallery Opening

Today was the opening for the Life Out/Loud show put on by the Kendall Pride group.  This is the first piece I've had up in a show at school.

I use robots to represent the heterosexual "norm" in society. They are the traditional boy/girl colors of baby blue and pink, respectively.  Society dictates that women are supposed to love, marry, and bear children for men. This idea is retro, much like the robots.
The two human girls are shown to be alive, happy, and deliriously in love. As too many homosexual couples in history have had to do, these women pretend to be straight, to be "normal" according to society, disguising the fact that they are in a same-sex relationship.  They dress up and appear to go with society's plan, but only for appearances.  The girl on the right giggles behind her hand, entertained at their secret.  They are holding hands, a small Public Display of Affection that often draws scorn when a straight couple could get away with something less decent.  These two women are not in line with the others, they are not marching but strolling happily to their own drum, that is, the beating of their young hearts.

I will be putting this piece into the 2010 ArtPrize.

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