Life Drawing & Illustration Concept

My professor is letting me use a tablet in Life Drawing so I can practice my digital painting.  We have to add a background so I decided a normal wilderness would be dull, so I went with a double moon.  Last week was the first attempt but I like this one better.

In my Illustration class, I have the same professor and he's letting HeroScarf and I do digital despite it being a traditional class.  HeroScarf's major is digital art so it makes sense for him and I am doing it to learn how to get work done faster.

I'm going to do some more work to submit to White Wolf, and to continue my theme from last semester, have Asian overtones in them.  So far I have a samurai for Hunter: the Reckoning, a detective in a haunted house with ghosts for Geist, a yakuza member with call girl ghouls for Vampire, and a monk performing onmyoji for Mage.  I haven't really painted any men in a while, so I'm going to take this class as an opportunity for that too.

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