First Week of Senior Year

This year I am taking Intro to Printmaking, Sequential Art, Alma Prima, and Sci-fi/Fantasy Painting.

In Printmaking, we just started learning monotype, and are going to be doing subtractive portraits. I have ideas for later projects including doing some scenes that would work as illustration for World of Darkness, since they tend to want black and white scenes. Something about the format of thin panels along the side just seemed to make it click for me.

In Sequential I'm the only one doing storyboarding, and the script I chose to do some for is Aliens. Luckly I don't have to redesign the Xenomorph Queen though, because otherwise I'd be out-of-luck as Geiger's design is perfect. I am looking forward to redesigning characters for a TV animated series though, since this is something I've been wanting to do for a while now.

Just doing portraits for now in Alma Prima, and hoping to learn how to paint faster and apply it to Photoshop.

For Sci-fi/Fantasy, I'm looking at Luis Royo and some others for inspiration. We are only doing one huge painting, so I have to come up with something really good to try and get in Spectrum. I think I'm going to do something horror-based.

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