My 1st Dr Sketchy's

So last Saturday night I went to my first Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School. (Grand Rapids division.)

The model was Jacinya Sanchez. I took Maggie with me and we had a really great time. I really hope I can go again.

Warm-ups of 1 minute gestures.

More 1-minute gestures on top, 2-minute along the bottom.

Most of us didn't realize that the contests included the next four sketches, so a lot of us ended up with a Gilligan's Island character only at the end. I believe these were each 5-minute.

I really quickly tried to turn her into Mary-Ann.

The next one was "model's arms have been ripped off by zombies," when, ironically, she now was wearing an outfit that exposed her arms. Some of us decided to go with one pretty, then the zombified one.

I decided to add some pyramids since she looked like a Desert Queen. What was supposed to be a camel was drawn quite weird and somehow became a dino-camel.

I then went with the zombie-mutilated one. There had been chalk pastels there but they were across the room and the sketch was only a 10-minute one. Maggie had oil pastels, one of which I accidentally used and smeared before realizing the mistake. I decided to just go with it. Charcoal and oil pastel do not go together so well though.

The next one was our astrological signs. I thought we were going to be given two sketches, but a new contest was announced immediately, so I redrew the second one (I had just erased her so I could have it ready for the second pose,) quickly, and I won : D

The last one was running from wild animals.

The next contest was Mucha, but Maggie and I had already called our ride and had to be packed up. More pictures from the night can be found here and here.


Saeto15 said...

Great sketches. I saw the Facebook thing about that, really sounds interesting. I'll have to attend next time.

pandaparfait said...

When is the next Dr.Sketchy's I really want to go.

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