Alice & Cassie Comparison

(The heights aren't to scale since I did one then the other without tracing the body.)

Erica and I managed to design almost the same character: tall, flowing hippy clothing, long hair, similar eyes, pagan/wiccan.

So rather than relying on depicting her with four arms, I decided to refine their characteristics.

Alice is on the left, Cassie on the right.

I went to Little Bohemia yesterday, so I took some photos to give Cassie more specifically bohemian clothing, and looked through a Pyramid Collection catalog to find more Wiccan/ren faire clothing.

Alice has straighter (and dark) hair, is taller, has bigger breasts, wears a pentagram and/or triple goddess symbols, and for the most part wears clothes than emphasize her figure and sexuality.

Cassie has wavy (blonde and henna-dyed) hair, is endowed a bit less, wears beads but no kind specifically, and wears multiple layers that don't frame her curves very much. She's also more into Eastern spiritual/symbolism than wiccan, though she likes elements of it, and has henna tattoos on her body somewhere at most times.

Pose ref by ~Nemolumos

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