Swimsuit Season- Erin

I figured Erin would wear a one-piece, and I happen to own this swimsuit (though I slightly modified it here) and love how it has the appearance of a dress.

I really liked this pose and wanted to use it, and the model had a nice expression (which I don't belive comes across very well with the sunglasses blocking part of the eyes and brows) and figured it might work for Erin. After I'd done my first two drawings, Keith corrected me by saying Erin had longer hair, so I made sure to show it off this time.

No significance to the seahorse, I just am enjoying adding cute accessories. I might go back and turn Celeste's starfish/flower into a crab if I don't use it for someone else first. The charm bracelet has C & E in the hearts. I was originally going to give her heart-shape sunglasses but figured it might read as Lolita rather than just something cute.

I will show this to Keith and probably change things accordingly, otherwise I saw a second pose that would work for her so maybe I'll just do a second one.

Pose from: absinthe-stock

1 comment:

Erin said...

I look predatory. I love it.

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