Tony & Dom Character Designs

The next two from Keith's Demon game.

Tony is a straight transvestite majoring in Drama and other similar classes. He was hitting on Erin the night of their graduation at a drunken party at an abandoned asylum. Hearing screams, he left her alone. By the time he came back for her she was being thrown around by invisible forces. His demon powers make him hotter than he already is, an ability he really enjoys.
(I'm not really happy with the clothing. He reminds me too much of Daphne from Scooby Doo.)

Dominic is a Law student and was enjoying his night of partying until all hell started breaking loose. With calls to the police screaming about bloody murder, he quickly picked up the survivors as clients, as has been trying his hardest to keep them out of jail. It hasn't been easy with more than half a class dead in a matter of hours, discoveries of heroin, destroying a car, and whatever else there is to come. He did make a wonderful case against a construction company when black mold was discovered in his brand new house. He intends to use his demonic possession for good and become an eco-terrorist.

They both were attacked at a haunted asylum with the rest of their graduating class during a party. The ones who weren't killed in horror-movie style are possessed by the evil surrounding the house.

Pose referenced from this by Ryuuen
Game takes elements from The Fallen by World of Darkness.

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