Cassie & Erin Character Designs

Cassie is my current role-playing character for Keith's Demon game. She's a writer/artist, vegetarian, and buys over-priced bohemian chic clothing and hangs out at high society parties showing off her photography and trying to get publishing deals.

Erin was just a quiet, shy math major spending her days studying and keeping a tidy apartment. When she got dragged along to a party by a guy trying to score. At the first scream though, he quickly abandoned her; by the time he tried to save her she had suffered the worse among the survivors. Her once quiet and sweet nature was quickly worn down by constantly seeing ghosts and other crazy things.

They both were attacked at a haunted asylum with the rest of their graduating class during a party. The ones who weren't killed in horror-movie style are possessed by the evil surrounding the house.

Pose referenced from this by Ryuuen
Game takes elements from The Fallen by World of Darkness.

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