Summer Plans

My teacher gave me an extension on my cityscape and literary watercolor projects, so those are due the 20th.

Michael visited his parents and took the computer the scanner is compatible with, so hopefully by the time he gets back I'll have plenty of sketches to start reworking in Photoshop.

I'm going to get started on some sketches and see if I can churn out something presentable for Dominance War by the 11th. Everyone else has had an extra month+, but having something is better than nothing. I just didn't want to miss anymore work since I took off a couple weekends to finish Finals.

I'm now involved in a World of Darkness game, and I handed out forms last night so everyone could fill out their character information. Over summer I intend to do turnarounds and maybe a scene or two so I have more character designs in my portfolio, especially work relevant to a company I want to work for.

I'm trying to get some models together so I can do a photo-shoot for my Indian Miss Muffet idea. If I get models in the next couple weeks, it should be photoshopped, printed, and traced by my birthday and I'll be ready to paint in June. I intend to enter it into the ArtPrize competition but am really nervous about competing with artists worldwide and trying to ponder what it takes to win people's votes when it comes to style and subject matter.

Besides turning my Kurios Fairy Tale dolls into a Flash game, I am also going to take part in Oni's Bishie Paper Doll Project, hosted at Bishie.org.

If I have time, I'll do some fun little bat drawings.

If even half of these plans are finished by the time school starts, I'll feel accomplished.

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