Vampire & Fairy Tale Finals

Ahh, finals. I finished my magnetic paper dolls and my banner is printed for any future cons.

ColorInc printed my vampires on a silk banner. It got a lot of abuse this weekend, including through a rainstorm, and it doesn't show it.

The magnets had to be cut out by hand with an X-acto blade because I didn't have enough time to get it done by the DigiFabLab.

Red is wearing a gothic outfit based on designs by Lip Service, with an optional Big Bad Wolf-fur-trimmed coat and boots, Belle/Beauty is dressed as a Sweet Lolita (credit of fashion inspiration later,) and Rapunzel is a cyber-raver. final pic, so that'll have to come later.

My watercolors didn't get finished enough in the teacher's opinion, but I've been given some extra time. Once I get some sleep and don't have a digital media project due every other day I should be able to get my painting done well enough.

I forgot to scan my zombie

After I kill enough time watching TV I'll sleep the night and wake up to finish my Gay Marriage editorial cartoon for Social Criticism.

My business stuff finally got printed after a weekend of broken printers and empty toner. Most of them look great and the blog for it is here. If it's my professional blog, I'm not sure what this one is, but I'm not shutting this one down any time soon. This one will just have more talking.

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