Zombies, Vampires, Pirates!

Okay, so my "spring break" has been a tad busy.

Pirates: I did a photoshoot of a friend Sunday and she had a poofy shirt on, so I now have a character turnaround of a sorta-pirate. I think I might need to stylize it though since it's too obvious it was traced in Flash.

Industrial: Monday I got more shots of a cemetery and a turnaround for my male friend dressed in some industrial gear. Haven't drawn from it yet though. Was going to tonight but my Superheroes game got canceled, where I was going to draw when my character wasn't directly involved (I'm good though, I still listen and scheme quite well.)

Vampires: I started using Painter on Tuesday and... don't have the hang of it. I tried fooling with brushes but everything showed too many strokes, and I really didn't feel like having to rework and reblend my entire picture to make the strokes my show. ...I just realized Painter has blenders... Still, my picture is due Monday. I'll learn Painter later. My picture is pretty smooth and I don't want to waste time trying to figure out a whole new program when I only just kinda sorta got the hang of painting in Photoshop. But yeah, after the brushes, I tried downloading other brushes, palettes, and such but for whatever reason couldn't load them. Again, I'll deal with this later and ask someone who actually knows Painter.

Zombies: I spent the evening trying to get my background to look decayed and dirty. I looked up pictures of Silent Hill, but I'm still not sure how to get such textures in watercolor. I wonder if such tutorials even exist.

So... all of this is due Monday and then some. And I still have work-work to do. Argh.

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