Go Watch the Watchmen

So, I didn't read the comic despite constant urging, and I'm kinda glad I didn't. I got to enjoy the movie for what it was rather than nitpicking it for any inconsistencies.

It's awesome, plain and simple. The visuals are brilliant, though Dr. Manhattan at times looked realer than the non-CG people. He had more pores and skin markings than all but a couple of the characters. I suppose a god would be realer than real, but unless someone points out the CG artist is very deep, I'm just gonna shrug it off.

I saw it in IMAX, which was weird since I'm used to wide screen. IMAX is, what, almost a square? It was odd to contemplate. I think I was too busy cheering on Rorschach to observe compositions, but yeah, great great job making a comic come to life.

Oh, and speaking of IMAX, the whole silver-screen idea? Bring some shades in with you. There are moments that are past bright.

I really liked the updates to the costumes... for the most part. I kinda would've liked to see costumes that looked like they were really made by the heroes, but then it might have seemed a little too sloppy. This is just a minor point. I'm merely musing.

It was so cool seeing the posters in action, because I'd seen shots that I thought were just for promotion, but no, they were screenshots. How cool.

And yes... I will eventually actually read the comic. : P

PS: Bonus art points for Andy Warhol's presence in the opening credits.

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