Weird Dream

So... I had an interesting, artistic dream this morning. Well, I get a lot of inspiration from dreams, but this dealt with an artist rather than surrealism. Apparently, according to this dreamworld, buying a film by Guillermo del Toro, he'll visit you. Yeah, I know, thousands of purchases, must be a very busy guy. Well, I was watching Hellboy 2 in my dream, and there was a knock on the door. It was him, he spoke perfect English without the hint of an accent, and he sat down on the couch with my brother and I and started giving a commentary. He said how the actor who played Nuada was now getting roles but Nuala went into obscurity. I said how I wanted to know if he had an artbook, and he said no but he'd show/give me one of his sketchbooks. I completely forgot to have him look through mine. As this occurred to me, he'd already left and someone ran in with a rack of costumes; del Toro was an impostor! Thus began a chase scene and I woke up.

I really do want his art book, if he has one. The sketchbook in Pan's Labyrinth was nice, but I'd like an actual one that doesn't require pushing buttons on a remote.

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