I finally got Batman: the Animated Series on DVD! The whole boxed set. It came with a booklet that had some of Bruce Timm's notes and examples for Batman poses, such as how to draw the hands, cape, and head. This is awesome. Last semester when I was sick, there'd been a couple episodes of B:TAS on TV and having nothing else to do for my sketchbook, I decided to try to copy Batman and other characters, doing gestures and such. It wasn't that great but between the short booklet and Batman Animated, the artbook from the show with sketches and notes by Timm and the others involved, I'll add a few pages to my sketchbook of it.

My boyfriend Mike recently loaned me Hush, and I loved Jim Lee's artwork and the way he drew everyone, so I want to attempts some studies of his work too.

I'm just in a mood to learn how to draw Batman and all my favorite villians.

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Stephen Heneveld said...

Batman:Animated is one of the best "Art of..." books I've ever picked up. Of course, I love all the storyboards they've put in it along with the turn-arounds and such. Even better is that they've included art from every step - sketches to completion. Sometimes it's worth more to see HOW they did it, not just the end product.

Maybe it's just me, but I find the scratchy sketches to be far more interesting than the glossy finish.

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