Crimson Kiss Sketches

I might be working on the comic Crimson Rose by William Mitchell in the near future, based in the same universe as his RPG Imperium Chronicles.  He'll be setting up a Kickstarter to pay for the comic, and when he does, I'll be sure to post a link.  I did some basic sketches to get a feel for the characters before starting.
Ramus, the main character. He has powers that allow him to change his arms into claws.
Fugg, the mechanic.
The sketch on the top right is a cat-alien prostitute straddling a wrench. I'll add it as a tattoo to his arm.
My first attempt at GEN, a general-purpose robot. She's too sexy though.
Some more GEN designs. The final will a combination of the elements in these.
A Parvulian. They are tiny aliens that get around in large mechanized suits.
The Blood Prince. He is of a race like the Drow.

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