The Girls from Alcyone- Back-to-back

Sigrid and Suko from The Girls from Alcyone by Cary Caffrey.  Taken from their families at a very young age, they were sold to the Kimura Corporation to pay off their parents' immense debts.  They were then genetically enhanced and trained in weapons to become perfect mercenaries. They quickly become friends and grow to become more. When someone attacks the school, Sigrid and Suko have to fight for their freedom and the lives of themselves and their schoolmates.

Sigrid is the story's main character, and what she lacks in size (she's 5'1.5" compared to the other girls' 6') she makes up for in determination and hard work. Her signature weapons are pearl-handled pistols she took from her first kill.

Suko is the best friend of Sigrid.  She loves anything with a blade, though she's no slouch with a gun either. Sigrid bought Suko a katana from a small pawnshop as a gift.

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