Fanart February

I've decided, as a way to make sure I do some drawing every day, I'll spend the month of February doing a piece of fanart. They'll be of various levels of completion, just as long as I do one a day and post it.

I narrowed down a list of my favorite characters to 29, then used a random generator to mix them up.

Here is the list:

    1.    Catwoman
    2.    Ramona Flowers
    3.    Harley Quinn
    4.    Bariss Offee
    5.    Baroness
    6.    Gem
    7.    Hit-Girl
    8.    Death
    9.    Batman
    10.    Zatanna
    11.    Blind Mag
    12.    The Tenth Doctor
    13.    Wonder Woman
    14.    Helena
    15.    Silent Hill nurse
    16.    Delirium
    17.    Shaak-ti
    18.    Velma
    19.    Dream
    20.    Poison Ivy
    21.    Nina (Black Swan)
    22.    Rose Tyler
    23.    Spike
    24.    Coraline
    25.    Asaaj Ventress
    26.    Quorra
    27.    Alice
    28.    Irene Adler
    29.    Sherlock

There is the possibility some might be replaced.

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