Demon Game Cast 2.1 (Wallpaper)

Antoni, Erin, Brooke, Celeste, Bill, Alice, Dominic

Alright, this is from the Demon rpg that my friends I used to play. It's been defunct for over a year, but my friend Maggie and just like the characters so darn much we still draw them.

I'd done a group pic to show the different heights but it came out less than pretty. Then Maggie did her own version, which I liked so much more.  I felt it had more nuance, expression, and body language.  I decided to copy her composition and poses and redraw them my way. 

Originally I had no intention of doing them all in rainbow colors, but once I noticed the color scheme was headed that way, and that there were indeed seven characters, I decided to go with it.  This was much brighter, but since it's a dark game, I played with the lighting.

Wallpaper from: ~DyingBeautyStock
Floor from: ~piximi

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