Typography- Type Face (Crowley)

First of all, I realize it's both Neil Gaiman and Sir Terry Pratchett who wrote Good Omens.  I had copy and pasted the quote from GoodReads.com and worked on formatting the quote last-minute.  By the time I realized such a glaring mistake, it had already been printed and mounted to a display board.  Maybe I'll edit it so it gives credit to both authors.  Now I feel terrible.  Both are two of my favorite authors and I wouldn't want to not credit both.

Anyway, Crowley is the fallen angel from Good Omens, a great book about the Apocalypse.  All text is quotes from the book.  Most of the class did caricatures with minimum characters, but I did it with shading.  Photo used for reference from a: Face a Face Legends ad.  I really wanted to show Crowley's yellow eyes but redrawing the image was taking too long.

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