I'm Taking Typography

I didn't learn much about using font from my poster design class, and I really need to learn some graphic design so my resume and marketing tools look presentable.  The professor seems really nice and no one in the class seemed unfriendly, so I think it'll be a good semester.

After the class got out, I talked with the professor about the assignment, which is to bring in some type we really like or dislike, and I mentioned Papyrus.  She said that since I already know it's a bad choice I'll do fine in this class.

I'm a little scared, since I'm an illustrator and everyone else already is Graphic Design; I had to bypass the pre-reqs to take this.  Luckily the girl next to me gave an answer when I whispered "What's letting?" and explained the difference between that and kerning.  The girl next to her seems the fun sort of hyper.  I look forward to getting to know the people in my class.  The professor also said she likes mentoring, so I don't think I'll be behind on all the GD lingo for long.

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