Trick 'R Treat Movie Poster

Our assignment for the movie poster was given at the start of October, so of course I had to choose a Halloween movie.  I originally was just going to do a picture of Sam(haim) with the broken lollipop in front of his face, but I ended up using a composition based on a penny dreadful cover.  The original image of Sam was them put up in the frame. 

If you haven't seen Trick 'R Treat, it is an anthology of four interweaving stories that are all witnessed (or caused by) Sam, a cute little trick-or-treater that will make you terrified of Sackboy from Little Big Planet.  I had to sleep with the lights on the first time I saw it.

I had a lot of fun watercoloring it to look old and destroyed.  This is done in watercolor, ink, and colored pencil.

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Stewart Sternberg said...

I like your work. It's hard to distinguish ones self, isn't it? The person commissioning has one idea and the artist another, especially when the idea of marketing is so important in the publisher's or promoter's mind.

Anyway, I was searching for penny dreadful covers for inspiration for a cover of a book which will be coming out soon and saw your Trick R Treat poster. It was creepy and provoked the imagination.

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