Slayer (Lineart)

The Vamp-Bait Bites Back
So I was listening to "Aim for the Head" (and "Goodnight Demon Slayer") by Creature Feature and decided I wanted to do a deviantID with me as a slayer and try to start something other people could do.  As I'm only uploading this the day before Halloween, I'm probably much too late for that.  (I also did a sketch for "Goodnight Demon Slayer" but never got to fully realize it.)

Deciding zombie-hunter wasn't really something I'd be excellent at (I've only been to Zomb twice and only browsed Max Brook's survival guide, which I'll buy when I hear him talk next week) and I get bit in games, I chose general monster-hunter with a slight focus on vampire-killer (at least in my made-up backstory below.)  I have a chain-mail top for light armor, a katana for beheading and slashing, shotgun for zombie headshots, silver throwing knives, holy water vials, and extra shotgun shells with silver and cold iron to take down werewolves and witches.  I tried to use things I could easily get and learn how to use.  I wanted a whip ala Castlevania but Michael said it wouldn't be much good in real life.  Hence the shotgun.

Backstory:  I haven't quite written it out nicely, but I originally conceived my fake bio including being stalked by vampires and finally deciding to do something about it.  If my fiancee ever gets around to making one, he can do the whole damphyr vampire hunter trope.

I'll color it later, but for now I just wanted to get it up before the end of Halloweentober.

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