It's been awhile

So I have spent most of this summer busy with doing the darks for Cynthia von Buhler's illustrations for the Evelyn Evelyn graphic novel.  The release date has been pushed to December rather than October. 

I've been working off and on on sample pages for a noir comic for a writer I met at JAFAX.  I have the first page mostly done and just need to start on the second to send him.

I worked on an entry for a possible colorist job and finally got a response a couple weeks ago.  I didn't make it but I really enjoyed doing it, so maybe I will try to apply for some more colorist work.

My senior+ year starts on Monday.  I did all the cool elective classes, now I have to make up the requires courses.  This year I'm taking poster design and portfolio 1, along with a couple academic classes.

In October I am going to go to New York with Alysha so I will be spending the next month shaping my portfolio work to be usable when I go check out some businesses in NY.  I also need to see what places to drop by at.

Also in October, the Tata Gala entries are due.  It's a gallery show where the proceeds go to breast cancer research.  I'll have to find a model though.

I intend to continue doing art this semester in the style of Erik Jones, because I tried it out during summer classes and really loved it, it worked really well for me and I caught on by the second picture.

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