JAFAX 15 Photos

Jesse (not Alysha's) and I

Alysha and I

Maggie (dressed as Hana from Fruits Basket) and I

Alysha's side of the table

My side of the table

A girl dressed as Kiari with a really sweet keyblade

Spider Jerusalem from Transmetropolitan

During Closing Ceremonies, Alysha and I ended up being nose-to-nose in a round of Anime Let's Make a Deal.  She got chosen as the winner and went up on stage... and her choices of doors were one I don't recall and... 8-Bit Door Phil, the one we were asked to draw up in the style of Legend of Zelda 2.  We did a really nice job, pulling out a ruler to make everything perfectly square and pixelated, and I colored it really nicely.  Then we got there and I remembered all we needed was it in black and visible from 30 feet away.  She won a Mario mushroom plush (which she kept,) an airfreshener (she gave to my fiance Michael,) a Nintendo shirt that had a gang sign on it (for her Jesse,) and I got to have a keychain.  

We both had a lot of fun and met a lot of really cool people.

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