Underworld Deities- Persephone & Hades in Hades

In Greek mythology, Hades ("the unseen") is one of the big three, his brother Zeus is king of the gods and rules the skies, Poseidon the seas, and Hades the underworld.  While Zeus has a lightning bolt, and Poseidon a trident, Hades has a helm of invisibility that he lent to Perseus once when he went off to fight Medusa.  In Roman mythology he is called Pluto, which means "the rich one" in reference to gems being taken from the earth.

He fell in love with the goddess of spring Persephone, daughter of Demeter, goddess of the harvest.  He abducted her when she was out picking flowers and took her to the underworld.  Demeter refused to let anything grow and when mankind grew scared of starvation, Zeus sent Hermes to return Persephone to her mother.  However, Persephone had eaten six pomegranate seeds, which is why half the year she visits the underworld and winter occurs. 

Somewhere during the time she was down there, she did indeed fall in love with Hades and they have one of the happier marriages from Greek mythology.

The realm of Hades had the River Styx running through it.  It was guarded by Cerberus, a three-headed dog.  It was a gloomy place where all souls were kept.  The Elysium Plains were saved for heroes and Tartarus, a place lower than Hades, was a pit for wicked souls and special punishments.

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