Underworld Deities- Osiris & Anubis in Tuat

Osiris, once just god of vegetation and fertility, got the role of god of the underworld after his wicked brother Set killed him, cut him into pieces, and spread the parts around Egypt.  His wife Isis found all the bits but one... the fertility part... and despite resurrecting him, he was no longer suitable to be god of giving life.  He is in charge of judging the souls of the dead.

His son by his brother's wife (the same brother who killed him) Nephthys. Seth cursed the child out of jealousy and anger.  The child came out with a jackal's head.  During the time that Isis was retrieving Osiris' body parts, Anubis accompanied her.  In the underworld, Anubis is in charge of embalming and helps in the judging.

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