Underworld Deities- Hel, Persephone, & Hades (Lineart)

 In Mythology class, I am doing a presentation on the underworld deities and comparing whether the underworld is for punishment, reward, or just a place to store souls.

The first deity is Hel, of Norse mythology, and her realm of the same name where those who didn't die in battle are kept.  Half of her is rotted, but there is also versions where she is half black, so I added the tattoos. (Tattoo refs)

Next is Hades, one of the big three gods (Zeus rules sky, Poseidon water, and Hades under the earth) from Greek mythology.  His realm is also named after him and similar to Hel is just a gloomy place.  There are special punishments and special rewards, though it's mostly just a place to float in a river of souls for eternity. (Ref)

The last is Persephone, Queen of the underwold and wife of Hades.  Originally goddess of spring, I used symbols of life and death, flowers and bats. (Ref)

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