Team Selina

Michael and I were watching The Dark Knight and I commented on how every Batman movie portrays the lead chick as the love of Bruce/Batman's life. They did it in Tim Burton's, Mask of the Phantasm, Batman Returns, and Nolan's now. With Rachel Dawes established as the girl he loved from childhood, I have to wonder how Catwoman could ever be in the 3rd movie (if and when there is one.) Because it would pretty much mean Bruce/Bats got over the tragic death of Rachel rather fast, even if it's a year or two later.

Bats/Bruce has been set up with lots of women, and some people think Talia is his one true one, I grew up with Returns/BTAS/and last year read Hush and Heart of Hush and all those show Selina Kyle as Batman's counterpart. Yeah, I know Talia had Batman's child and all (and if I recall correctly, so did Selina) but I hold to Selina being his #1 and the only one who really holds his heart and love.

Mike thought my outcry of this was funny and said I should make a shirt of it, and one day I might, but for now I have this.

I made a colored version but he said this one looked better, so here goes.

pose from: [link] by *janejayne

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