Clone Your Lover Storyboards

My professor uploaded my Clone Your Lover storyboards to his blog, so I'll link to it there.

I did it for Sequential. It started off as an animatic since music videos aren't actually storyboarded, instead being shot start to end and recut in post-production. I did not realize just how long a second was and since I'm not an animator, I had trouble trying to learn to animate in Flash while still trying to sync to music and draw everything.

It wasn't until after a couple weeks of doing that that my professor reminded me I could do storyboards, so I did that.

Drawn on paper with pencil, scanned and darkened, colored in Photoshop. I need to add some more glows as the entire room is supposed to be sanitary white and the liquids lit ominously.

Clone Your Lover is by Zeromancer.

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