Current Projects

So in Printmaking I am two colors away from finishing the kitsune reduction woodcut. My final project will consist of another triptych, this time all yokai. A futakuchi-onna (woman with two mouths, one in the back of her head,) a Kuchisake-onna (woman with a Glasgow smile,) and a Ohaguro-bettari (bride with no eyes/nose, and a blackened mouth.)

In Sequential I'm doing a music video for Clone Your Lover by Zeromancer. I came up with the idea last year and had started storyboarding one prior to my hardrive dying. The same computer contained all my reference photos for a painting I'd been working on to illustrate the song. The illustration was never finished, but I'm finally getting to do the music video. I only need 30 seconds for class, but I'll at least draw up thumbnails for the rest of it to be finished later.

In Alma Prima I am halfway done with the first coat on my sphinx painting. I need to find some photos of caves and Athens to put in the background this weekend so I can work on it during the week. In class we'll be doing painting from life for the next couple weeks.

In Sci-Fi/Fantasy painting, I have the robo-girls' faces and clothes in pretty well and will have the two figures fnished in the next couple weeks.

No personal projects right now, though I intend to make up for it in December.

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