All Dolled-Up

Edit: I had previously had Antoni in this outfit, but it went way past just liking women's clothes to a level that went past the actual character type. I had changed the outfit so I wasn't just copying the original (a schoolgirl outfit) but in the process got so caught up in making it overly cute and frilly that it didn't seem like something Toni would wear. He may wear women's clothes, but unless Maggie corrects me, I doubt he'd have any that extravagant. Toni will get a new picture along with the other two men.

So I turned it into a generic cute girl. I did it quickly, because I was that eager to get the original off here, so the lines are traced and might not be all that pretty. If I do a color version when I get a new tablet, the hair and face wil probably become cuter and more cohesive to the outfit.

Reference from: mare-wrath-stock

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