Predatory Shaded (Mature)

Shaded version of Erin and Cassie in bed.

Thinned Erin out a bit as per Keith's suggestions. Also made her lips fuller and her nose more defined since he's not crazy about manga-style. I forgot Cassie's necklace but it's not terribly crucial; the henna bracelet is still there.

Since I didn't give any info yesterday with the sketch, I'll add some now.

Both are characters from Keith's Demon game. In-game, there was one part where Erin started being very possessive and aggressive to Cassie, in the bedroom and out. This isn't as explicit as it was suggested she was behind closed doors, but is more than I originally intended to show.

I was listening to "Crazy Bitch" by Buckcherry because Keith was sharing some of the music Erin listens to, and I was just going to do a picture of Erin with scratch marks, either from the asylum attack, or fresh ones from a now-sleeping Cassie. When I started working with poses though, it ended up in the middle rather than afterward.

I also did this because Keith said Erin looked predatory in the swimsuit picture; I decided to up it.

I really liked the pose and might reuse it for something completely different in the future.

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