Intimate Kiss (Nudity)

Wanted to do a picture of Cassie and Erin being intimate but not sexual.

Cassie usually is covered up pretty well, and Erin has always dressed conservatively, so when Cassie loses a layer or two, Erin really enjoys the feel of the soft skin.

She's kissing her stomach if you really can't tell.

My favorite of her henna tattoos are the ones on her rib cage; I think I'll use those designs more in the future when there is exposed skin.

I didn't want Erin to be completely nude, so I gave her a negligee. The butterfly on her back is just a henna tattoo, since I figured it'd be cute for Cassie to do. Now that I think of it though, it should theoretically be on her front so she can actually see it.

Oh, and the claw necklace is a new addition allowing her to understand animals.

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