Brooke- Back with Nature

Cassie Brooke has recently acquired a pet marten with little horns and the ability to speak to it and other animals she summons. Last game she also gained the ability to cause vines/plants to grow to entangle people.

She's a (hygenic) hippy art/writing student who eats mainly vegetarian, so getting more in tune with nature, and being able to control it, is something really great for her.

This is the first time I've drawn a backview of her, so I just decided she's got a second braid in back, for now. Most of her clothes are layered or at least fully covering, except when she's in bed with Erin, who enjoys every inch of her. So trying to find a top that was bohemian and something she'd wear but not too revealing ("why is she shirtless holding an animal?") was somewhat difficult. I decided on a see-thru long-sleeve top and a belly-dancer bra with a chain.

Pose from: Sinned-angel-stock

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