LA Time's Guide to Comic-Con for Girls

I should have mentioned this earlier this week when I found it, but io9 had an article on how Comic-Con wasn't for girls. First the people in charge of District 9 made a contest that specified it was only for men. They added a second contest for women and extended the deadline, but the irony of excluding someone when the movie's tagline is "You are not welcome here" is amusing to me.

What wasn't funny though was the LA Time's Guide to Comic-Con for Girls. It starts off saying women will line up to do Jake Gyllenhaal's laundry on his washboard abs (yes, they really use that joke,) and get worse from there. Some highlights, or is that lowlights?:

  • Saying that only as long as a hot guy with a hotter accent is talking, women will bother listening to details about a murder mystery plot
  • Werewolves make better BFs than vampires because that can sympathize with you about your monthly curse
  • Review for Where the Wild Things Are (yes, the one with the little boy) starts off "Two words: Mark Ruffalo." They just reduced a kids' movie to what hot guy is in it. They do this to every single movie and show without fail, this is just the most disturbing and blatant.
  • Using the phrase "face furniture," which isn't so degrading to women as it's just stupid phrasing
  • the only mention of Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes is whether Robert Downey Jr. or Jude Law is sexier
  • They mention female empowerment in the middle of this 23 pages-long reversion into a pre-suffrage age article
  • Scariest picture of Denzel Washington I've ever seen, without makeup
  • Saying Battlestar Galactica got girls into sci-fi, and then saying new show Caprica will be more for women since it'll be a soap opera in space
  • The only reason women will see an action flick is if a hot guy is in it
So let's recap, this article mentions laundry, that-time-of-the-month, soap operas, and hot guys, hot buff guys, hot shirtless guys, and did I mention New Moon and vampire yet?

It featured both male and female contributors, so this isn't just a case of them finding chauvinists to write for them.

I have a lot of female friends, nerds and not, and this is insulting to anyone with more than a couple braincells. The opening page for it says Comic-Con is for more than just nerdy guys and the influx of Twilighters, but then panders to the shallow Bellas of the country.

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