Demon Game Sketch Dump

Decided to do sketches last night during game.

Celeste is a medical student who is a bit of a risk-taker to put it mildly. During the party at the haunted asylum, she and Bill went to the electro-shock room and started playing around with it while intoxicated. Not bothering to put anything in his mouth to prevent it, he bit off his tongue. This was the least worrisome to go on that night as she quickly sewed it back on. She is quite temperamental and is close to a criminal record if Dom weren't around to keep her out of jail. She smashed a beer can through a window at some punks who'd instigated her, burst into flames when she fell asleep, and both times proceeded to tell the police and firefighters they didn't need to investigate or be involved. She is fearless and cocky and has recently come into some really really bad luck.

Alice is a new-age wiccan majoring in religious studies. She is multi-lingual and can even read some celestial texts. She's a major nympho and has so far bedded both Bill and Celeste. Her apocalyptic form has four arms, which makes the nights very interesting to say the least.

Bill is the resident sports guy and jock. He's played baseball, basketball, cross-country & track, tennis, and a little golf. He's been in school for a while and has taken a little of everything. His goal after graduation was sports announcing. He's a laid back guy and likes the ladies, and hasn't really been in a commited relationship for several years after the death of a loved one. He and Cassie dated for a little while but it slowly petered out and prior to graduation would still hang out on occassion. He's currently with Alice but that will only last as long as she's interested.

I wanted to do a cast picture but every reference online had too complicated of poses to make fit everyone's personalities. From left-to-right: Erin, Cassie, Bill, Alice, Dom, Celeste, Tony.
(I'm not entirely happy about some of the stances, but mostly I wanted to get height comparisons done.


Erin said...

I really liked the cast photo. It was really cool.

Aubrey said...

Very well done. I like the descriptions.

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