Catwoman & Batman- Masks Off Lineart

Was watching Batman Returns and got in the mood for some Catwoman/Batman art.

Selina's costume is half Bruce Timm's from Batman the Animated Series with Adam Hughes' goggles and O-ring zipper.

Bruce was supposed to be based off Michael (who didn't have his Bruce Wayne hair when I was trying to use him as a model *sigh*) but started looking like Daniel from Sandman and really eerie. I fixed it a bit, but I'm not quite pleased. I'll work on it whenever I dedicate some time to sketching Bruce and Bats.

Too bad this pose doesn't allow for really doing much to design my own version of Batman, but as I said, I can work on it later.

Originally, I was going to have Batman's cowl on but it didn't look right, so I made them both maskless for now.

Reference pose from fiori-di-ofelia on deviantART

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