Plans for the Upcoming Week or So

I am completely cleaning my house today, so probably no art 'til tonight. ConceptArt.org is having a competition for a Zombie Hunter design, so I'd like to do that but dunno where I'll find time this week.

Tomorrow I am going to do a photoshoot with Oni for a Lolita modeling competition. Wednesday I need to run to the mall and get a new art book, fix my phone, and pick up contacts. In the afternoon I will be doing a shoot with Oni and Michael for the ArtPrize competition.

Michael is in the process of moving, so the story project is being slowed a tad as the entire weekend was spent working or helping to move. I am getting nearer to done with the picture of Jenny as I worked on it last night while gaming.

Maggie has given me several character sketches and info so if I have time Wednesday evening, I will start on my World of Darkness character project.

I haven't started on bishie paper dolls yet for Oni but it should get started sometime the first week of June. Later next month I'll start working on the rest of the Kurios Fairy Tales: Magnetic Personalities dolls and try getting the Flash version started by July.

I think that is all for now... Oh yeah, monster girls. Maybe those will happen in June. I don't have a table at JAFAX, so maybe I'll wait 'til next year for that series. I'm kind of still on a vampire kick for now.

Oh yeah, my 21st birthday is this weekend so Friday I'll be in Chicago to go to see Kill Hannah and Saturday I'll be heading to the bars to hang out with friends.

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