Gone Batty Sketches

Somehow yesterday I got on a bat-craze. I don't know how bats got brought up in class, but Michael said something about movies using fruit bats rather than vampire bats because vampire bats are too small or something. So I challenged him on this, seeing as I had a book on them when I was a kid and think I know the difference, and he Googled it.

Turns out fruit bats are frightening as all get out. Vampire bats, on the other hand, are cute and cuddly. The first pics to show up were baby bats, including one drinking out of a syringe.

I immediately wanted a pet one (and was only half kidding about it,) but Michael said no and my mom said I'd freak out if it got in my hair.

I went home and started sketching bats while watching Bela Legosi's Dracula and wanted to read my Batman comics, which I will as soon as I have a spare moment.

I started off with cute bats.

Moved onto Batman, aristocratic, Bela-esque traditional Dracula, and for Michael, Gary Oldman's Dracula.

Then moved onto cat-bats. The little one with no wings isn't a cat-bat, it's Roschach-Kitty, and I want one if I ever find one.

Since Michael, my mom, and the CDC say I can't have one, I'll probably invent a fictional pet vampire bat for an avatar when I have time to sketch again for fun.

Needless to say, I still have bats on the brain, and Dustin Nguyen's Batman: Heart of Hush coming out in hardcover lately isn't helping. The comic is fantastic and I have each issue, and I'll buy the book of it as soon as I have an extra $20.

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