The Fall

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The Fall is a beautiful movie. I got to see it last night in Blu-Ray on a HD TV and it was the only way to see it. It's got a great story within a story. A little girl in a hospital comes across a man who starts telling her a story, and she comes back each following day to hear more of his "epic."

The epic he tells has five men all out for revenge on this Governor. Along the way they meet a few other people who are involved in some way. It's a wonderful fantasy adventure story. Each character is distinct and interesting. The entire story is being made up as the man goes along, and each character is a person the little girl knows.

Now, onto the visuals. There are at least a few motifs, especially oranges, as this is set in California. The entire thing is how the girl pictures it, and completely saturated with every color of the rainbow. The backgrounds are lush, and the costumes are well-designed and cool.

The movie isn't just eye candy either, the story, and the epic, are entertaining as details change based off the little girl's comments or events in real life are reflected in the story. The outside story with the little girl and man is very touching and fun to try and decipher dialogue and events in order to figure out why they are in the hospital and what else is going on.

It's a wonderful film and artistic without being empty and "artsy" with no plot.

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