Cool...yet, *sigh*

I just came across the Myspace for Gris Grimly. If my memory is correct, I discovered his art site well over five or six years when I was still into cartoon dollz [sic], which were either drag-and-drop creations or were drawn using a base, in a paint-program of various fanciness.

I was given a doll of myself by Gris. Then my site went down and I lost the picture. This wasn't just a little doll, this was an almost proper digital illustration, given the time period and my not-yet knowing what a digital illustration even was.

I've looked through his gallery and it doesn't seem he has anything that old, since he has most certainly gone onto bigger and better things, though he seemed established years ago too.

I wonder if he would even remember such a thing and have it backed up on disk somewhere...

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