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So, two weeks ago I started a "monster with human traits" picture for Concept Art Group, and haven't had time to work on it, but I should be able to make time the week after this for it so it'll be finished for Halloween.

Then I have started working on character drawings for Kay's RPG, and became incredibly inspired for Superheroes. My first drawing was of the invisible chick and her caracal. I think it'll sorta resemble that one pic of American McGee's Alice and the Cheshire Cat.

Tonight I came up with Gender Bender Bat Villains (say it out loud) for CAG and wanted to do the Joker, then realized it didn't work since I'd have to do basically a sycophant as Harley Quinn and I thought a doting guy might be too hard to depict since Harley is so upbeat. Then I thought of Poison Ivy, or the Penguin, or Zatanna...then somehow started drawing a female Scarecrow. The corset was taken from a Halloween costume, but most of the rest was my own once I got started. Then I came up with the idea of Batman's cape hanging off of it. There will probably be a huge harvest moon in the background too.

My Huge Vampire Shoot is looking up but not in the way I'd hoped. I apparently needed to reserve any Victorian museum houses around here a month in advance, so upon talking to one of my friends/models, it's been decided trying to photoshop funiture into a photo taken in the life drawing room would probably be easier than trying to move furniture, lights, etc. The there is the nudity to think of. Good luck doing that in a public place on an antique table. I liked Maggie's idea of a bed/cushions, but haven't yet figured out how to configure Kay to resemble a hookah. I need a spiked, hanging cage of some sort... or maybe a fondue/chocolate/punch fountain thing...hmm.

I still can't come up with a decent concept for Intro to Digital Imaging. I'll trying composing the zombie photo.

The only t-shirt design I came up with was a girl with bats hanging from branches as wings.

Stock for scarecrow. Stock for bat-girl. Stock for bats-in-trees. Stock for bats. Batman & Scarecrow (c) DC.

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